How many apartments are there at Tiba View? 

In total 444 apartments when the development first launched. However many buyers have bought multiple units and combined them to create larger apartments. For example joining three studio apartments to create a two bedroom.

What are the maintenance fees at Tiba View?

The maintenance fees vary depending on apartment size.

Studios – 3000 LE per year (approx £150)
One Bedrooms – 3500 LE per year (approx £175)
Two Bedrooms – 4000 LE per year (approx £200)

What to the maintenance fees cover?

The annual maintenance fee at Tiba View cover the maintenance and management of the communal areas such as the cleaning of the pool, the hallways, gardens, lift maintenance, development lighting etc…

Can I buy more than one apartment? 


Can I create larger apartments? 

Yes, if you want to create a larger apartment such as a three or four bedroom or would simply like to create a more bespoke one or two bedroom property then you can do this easily by joining properties together. Rivermead Global have become experts at this having helped many clients create the apartment of their dreams. Contact us today if you are interested in creating a larger and/or bespoke apartment at Tiba View.

When will Tiba View be completed?

The completion date for Tiba View is June 2019

Is buying an Off Plan property in Egypt safe?

When considering buying an off plan property, it is important to know who you are working with and do your research. Rivermead Global Ltd have been working in the Hurghada Real Estate Market for 10 years and in this time we have built an incredible reputation. This is because we are so careful who we work with, what properties we decide to market and of course have a real focus on delivering the best customer service possible, at all times.

Buying an off plan property in Egypt through Rivermead Global Ltd you can be assured that we only deal with established and trusted developers. As mentioned earlier the Tiba View developers have been successfully building in Hurghada now for many years… we even have our own European Staff who now live permanently in some of the Tiba Developments.

With all our off plan projects, we send buyers regular updates on construction progress, so you can see your property go from a plot of land right through to a complete resort. This is a service we are able to provide as we have the staff over in Egypt as well as here in the UK. We have been told many times by clients that these updates helps reassure them that things are moving forward and also keeps them excited over the full course of the build.

Have the Tiba View developers built anything before?

Yes. In fact Tiba View is their 13th development in Hurghada.

Are there viewings trips available?

Yes, viewing trips are available. For more information on how they operate please get in touch

Can I open a bank account in Egypt if I own a property?

Regardless as to whether you live their yourself permanently, use the property as a holiday home for yourself and your family, or even if you own a property in Egypt to rent, you could (and maybe should) open a bank account in Egypt.

Most banks require you to have:

1- A 6 Months Visa
2- Proof of address in England.
3- Proof of address in Egypt. (This comes in the form of a property contract)
4 – Bank statement within last 3 months.

Rivermead Global recently wrote an article on How to open a bank account in Egypt.

How far is Tiba View from the Airport? 

The airport transfer is around 30 minutes.

How close is the beach? 

The nearest beach to Tiba View is just around 400 meters away and is home to one of the best Kite Surfing spots that the Red Sea has to offer.

Can I rent the property out as an investment?

Yes, you can rent your apartment out to make money. We have many clients who have bought as an investment and are taking advantage of the very affordable Rivermead Global rental management scheme. This covers everything from advertising, check in/out, cleaning, booking management and much more… for more information please get in touch via our contact page.